Fit Foods And Fun Vegan Healthy Weight Loss Retreats 


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Nutrient Dense Food: Food that gives you the most amount of micronutrients and fiber with the least amount of calories. Micronutrients consist of vitamins, minerals, enzymes, antioxidants and compounds that aid the immune system and helps prevent disease.   


Fit foods and Fun vegan health coaching

I will help you get started, maintain or improve upon a plant based lifestyle with recipes that fit your tastes and time. We will work together on your nutrition program and the steps it will take to get to your vision of optimal health. You'll be provided with resources, support, menus and motivation to help keep you on your quest of nutrient dense nutrition that supports healthy weight loss and lowers your risk for developing chronic diseases.  With Fit Foods and Fun Weight Loss programs, you are guaranteed a personalized, healthy plant based food plan.  If you are unable to attend a retreat, Michele can work with you over the phone.


Fit foods and Fun plant based fitness weight loss Retreats

Spend a week or more living, cooking, learning and exercising with Michele. This is truly a one on one personal experience. She believes exercising and eating for optimal health should be fun and will show you how to make it fun. Michele is a certified personal trainer with an extensive fitness and nutritional therapy background.  She will design a safe program that is effective for you. She is passionate about teaching and lifelong learning. Michele is a certified Well Coach and uses her coaching skills to find what motivates and inspires you to achieve your optimal health. She will help you design a maintenance program that works in your life with your goals and challenges.​ With personal attention, Fit Foods and Fun Vegan Weight Loss Retreats will help you reach your health, fitness and weight goals. She'll  teach you how to incorporate fun activities into your life and strategies to use when you return home. Because Michele is working with you all day, each day of your stay, she really gets a chance to get to know you, your goals, your challenges and your solutions. Retreats can be customized to accommodate you and your friends at the location of your choice. Please contact Michele at (970) 390-4071 for more information.

Fit Food and Fun Cooking classes, workshops and parties

Plant based meals can be intimidating and be so much fun. Unfortunately, it's not quite as easy as just throwing a roast in the oven or putting a bunch of cheese, butter and salt in a casserole. With enough fat, sugar and salt, you can make anything taste good. Although easy, a diet of fat, sugar and salt doesn't bring out your best self.  Fit Foods and Fun offers plant based cooking classes, workshops and parties to teach you and your friends how to create healthy and tasty meals. Throughout the year, Michele will offer workshops at her location in Grand Junction, Vail, Boston and various other locations throughout the United States. Contact Michele at (970) 390-4071 for upcoming dates and more information.