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It's a lifestyle, not a fad diet

There are some aspects of  plant based diets that are easy, others..., not so much. Although whole plant based diets are getting more media attention and becoming more mainstream, there are still many obstacles. Getting a meat free, low sodium and fat healthy meal at restaurants, work events, parties, or socializing with your family and friends can be next to impossible . Many forget that dairy products are liquid meat and cheese is a more concentrated, fat saturated, form of liquid meat. Friends and family will sometimes question a plant based lifestyle while becoming quite defensive about the foods they are eating. There will be doubts and setbacks along the way. 

I have been working on my plant based diet for over 19 years. Because I'm not exactly disciplined and very susceptible to temptations, I have developed strategies for success. I have learned to make a plant based diet fun and tasty so that I don't miss meat and cheese.  I have learned to enjoy cooking, and appreciate food for  health promoting benefits. I have won over many and have learned to forgive those that get a bit nasty because I choose life long health through food. I am a foodie, but one that uses nutrient density as the gold standard, not one that only judges food for it's fat, sugar and salt properties so often confused with texture, taste and depth. 

I use the word diet, but truly one of the keys to success is to realize it's a lifestyle. Not a diet you go on, it's a plan you stay with. Yes, the road can be winding, and there will be challenges. Like anything else worth pursuing in life, we find solutions and I would love to help you overcome those challenges and find those solutions so that you may live a healthier and happier life. 

When determining your plant based optimal diet, I  take many factors into consideration. Your goals, metabolism, allergies, activity level, likes, dislikes, environment and appetite are just a few of the things that play a role in designing the plant based diet best for you. 

In Good Health and Fun,